Vitality Technology

Benefits of Owning a Little Luxury Vitality

Great tasting healthy water

Our research has shown that having a small, good quality water dispenser on your desk or in your home means that people tend to drink double the amount of water than they normally would. Kids also love to use the unit as it is a super convenient way to pour a quick glass of cold water. The Little Luxury Vitality Water Cooler is a good health incentive for employees who drink copious amounts of coffee and tea. Having your own water cooler is more accessible and hygienic – the communal office water cooler is not always as clean as one would like it to be.

Makes the perfect gift

Little Luxury will change the way that you drink water because of the great taste and convenience it adds. Drinking more water means better health so it will improve your family’s well being and will enhance your life. What a welcome gift this would be if you received the unit on your desk or at home.

Optimised Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of our water cooler has been greatly optimised while its energy consumption during cooling has been minimized when compared to similar units. Little Luxury’s Vitality Water Cooler is an ultra energy efficient alternative to both large and small water dispensers.

No heavy bottles to carry

The Little Luxury Vitality replacement bottle is light and can easily be filled from your tap. This
means that you don’t have to order water and have it delivered to your home or office.

Greater volume of chilled water

The Little Luxury Vitality Water Cooler unit cools up to 600 ml, where its closest competitor of the same size cools 240ml. This further proves how remarkably energy efficient the unit actually is. After 5 years of research and development, our company is still committed to making successive units that are even more energy efficient.

Simple to use with fast flow

Water flow is enhanced with clever fluid dynamics so that water flow is equal to that of a large water cooler. The Vitality filter is perfect for home or office use and is easily replaced without any water being spilt. While the removable reservoir cover makes it easy to clean. We have future plans for another filter that can be used for city, tap and outdoor water sources.

Chills water to 8 degrees!

The Little Luxury Vitality Water Cooler chills water to 8 degrees Celsius at an ambient temperature of 21 degrees Celsius within a period of 45 – 55 minutes. Depending on the humidity of the air, this produces up to 600 ml of chilled water. Other mini water coolers are only able to chill water down to about 11 degrees Celsius at an ambient temperature of 21 degrees and will continue to utilise vast amounts of energy to maintain this temperature. Once the Vitality Water Cooler unit has reached 8 degrees Celsius, the efficiency of the cooling tank maintains this temperature for up to three times longer than that of similar coolers.

Virtually Silent

The unit operates almost silently because of the maximization of heat expulsion. This is further enhanced by the optimization of the cooling power apparatus and the insulation of the unit. Using wind smoke testing and thermal imagery, hot air is dissipated in the most thermally economic way possible.

High speed chilling with less energy

Little Luxury’s Vitality Water Cooler uses less energy because of the way that the entire unit has been modified and modernized. This reduces the unit’s power consumption from 70 watts to an intermittent 40 watts which minimises the need for excessive cooling. Excessive cooling creates additional heat that requires additional energy to remove it as it can’t be absorbed fast enough. This results in the wastage of precious energy and costly electricity.

Green manufacturing process

This unit is manufactured from less carbon-foot-print heavy materials when compared to standard compressor coolers that require a fair amount of steel and iron forming, stamping tools and tooling. All parts of the Little Luxury Vitality Water Cooler that come into contact with the water are also made of food grade materials. The shipping and transport costs of this product are less than a large water cooler and there is no need for big, dirty and polluting diesel trucks to deliver bottled water to a home or office.

Designed for use with municipal tap water, the Vitality Filter cartridge removes potentially harmful contaminants

The Vitality filter is a good all-round filter for use with city or municipal tap water. Little Luxury uses NSF grade carbon with Silver Microtech technology which neutralizes bacteria on contact and selected grades of advanced filter resin ion which converts various contaminants and heavy metals so that they are absorbed by the carbon.