Our Vitality Filtration System

  1. Spreads the water flow evenly for better overall filtration.
  2. The netting removes large debris from entering the filter.
  3. Micro pore material to remove micro pore particles and debris.
  4. Up to four times the filtration medium use to the standard filter cartridge.
  5.  We use the very best organic autoclave natural AAA grade carbon.
  6. Resin ion is a voltaic formulate resin. Proprietary technology.
  7. MicroTech to remove selected spectrum bacteria.
  8. Micro pore material used as an additional security to monitor filter integrity.

Little LuxuryTM VitalityTM Filter Cartridge:

  • All food grade material used.
  • Made from the finest ORGANIC carbon
  • On the first use rinse under a running tap for two minutes, any carbon dust or particles are harmless and 100% safe.
  1. Limited area to filter debris.
  2. Water forms a spiral and only 20% will get filtered properly
  3. 1⁄4 of the carbon and resin compared to Vitality™ Filter (Some low-cost filters don’t even have resin ion).
  4. Some carbon used in these low-cost filters is not ideal for water filtration.
  5. No real filter material just netting.
  6. Unfiltered water mixed with filtered water.

Other Filter Cartridges:

  • No Scientific test done on the materials

Filter Technology

The Vitality Filter Cartridge removes all unwanted and harmful contaminants from regular tap water.