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I work from home in a small office and don’t have the luxury of an expensive office water cooler, so my Little Luxury has been a blessing. The cooler is small enough to fit in my home office and I get fresh, clean, cool water on demand. Great way to stay away from soda, too much coffee and still keep hydrated.
Peter Botha
A Healthy Alternative
Dear Little Luxury, I absolutely love this little unit! After trying to have a healthy lifestyle for so many years by staying away from sodas, I now can thanks to this little device. I have a cooler in my kitchen, which is the hub of life in our house, and all our family members are constantly filling their glass to get more water. Thank you!
Annamarie Vos
Healthy water
I had a few questions about the Little Luxury cooler and phoned them to get answers. Did you know that the filter removes heavy metals and chlorine? I wanted to know how their filtering system works and the lady on the phone was thorough and very informative. Great customer service and awesome little cooler!
Warren van Heerden
Good customer service and great product
Since I have had a water cooler in my office, I have not bought any unhealthy drinks from the canteen or vending machine during my lunch break. Although the vending machine is quick and easy, the water cooler is right in the office and my colleagues, and I don’t have to go down the stairs to get something refreshing to drink.
Mark de Villiers
No more soda for me
I love the fact that the water cooler only has to have the filter removed every 3 or so months depending on how much you use. It is awesome and low-maintenance!
Pumla Mdanisi
Low-maintenance cooler works for me
My husband and I have a great Little Luxury cooler in our bedroom on the desk and it amazes us at how quiet it is. We don’t hear any noise coming from the device at night and it makes water taste great. I am so glad that we bought this water cooler.
Abigail Pillay
It is basically silent
A long-lasting, quality and easy-to-use cooler!
Scott Stevenson
I love Little Luxury
Greatest gift I ever received from my husband! A hint to be healthier.
Portia Machi
Best gift I have gotten
I can’t believe how affordable this product is and I think everyone should have one of these coolers.
Fred Mohammed
Great bang for my buck
I love the convenience of the Little Luxury cooler as it fits perfectly in the corner of my office desk – so easy to grab water throughout the day without having to go to the kitchen or buying from the store.
Wendy Kiambe
Real convenient
Lovely little water cooler that dispenses water quickly with no fuss or mess.
Brigette Meyer
No mess and no fuss
My girlfriend and I have started working out at the gym here in Jersey City and there is nothing more refreshing than grabbing an ice cold glass of water after a challenging workout. We are super happy with our cooler.
Chad Smit
Refreshing water after our workout
I am really pleased to have purchased the 3-Stage Tap Water Filter because it took me less than 5 minutes to install and have filtered water within minutes of setup. Awesome device that suits my kitchen.
Connor Johnson
Easy to install and use
Little Luxury water coolers, where do I start? I am a complete health freak and do not believe in stuffing yourself with junk, including sweetened juice and fizzy drinks, not to mention the million other unhealthy drinks sitting on the shelves of our local supermarkets. This is why I love my Little Luxury so much, because I don’t need to go out and buy bottled water and it’s healthier than what you get in the store. I drink 6-7 glasses of water a day and I cannot explain how happy I am to have such a convenient and clean appliance in my home. Thank you so much for pleasing health freaks like me.
Camilla Gouws
Best appliance in my home
I have never tasted such clean water before! I’m happy to own this water cooler and would recommend it to family and friends as a gift or essential item in the home or office!
Claudia Kotze
Clean tasting water
I was always under the impression that water coolers and filters were expensive and seen as a luxury. Now that I have this cooler (affordable might I add) I know that it is my own ‘Little Luxury’ and real convenient to use. This cooler has changed my perception of water coolers!
Quinten Du Preez
Inexpensive item
My kids race home after sports to the fridge to fill their glassed using the Hawaiian Jug. I am not sure what the attraction is for them, but I am thrilled they are drinking so much water. I am telling all of my friends and the parents on the team about it.
Love My Little Luxury
The water tastes great, and I have been drinking more water than ever since I received my Little luxury 3-Stage tap water filter. It is also so easy to use. Highly recommended.
The "must have" item in my home
This is the first time I have bought a Little Luxury cooler and I must admit I have enjoyed having it in my home. It hardly makes a sound, it dispenses cold water quickly, it takes up such a small space and makes it easy to grab a glass of water when running between house chores (especially for a granny like me!). My children usually fill up their bottles before and after gym and enjoy not buying bottled water nearly every day, so we are saving on costs too. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who needs motivation to drink more water and who wants to be healthier. I love my Little Luxury!
Tina du Plessis
Recommended water cooler for busy people
So I just finished my first week with the Little Luxury cooler in my apartment and I have to say I LOVE IT. It took me all of about one minute to set it up and get it working. I am definitely drinking much more water because it sits on the countertop in my kitchen, not to mention that I have basically eliminated bottled water from my apartment! I love not having to carry cases of water around. My kids also love it and have been drinking more water and less soda and energy drinks which makes my husband happy too. In my opinion, this might be the most used appliance in my kitchen right now. I am seriously considering getting another one for the boy’s room as well. This product is awesome and I am only giving it 5 stars because 6 are not available!
Clifton Mom
Best Water Cooler Ever
This product is really good value for money.
Louise Bernard
I am impressed
There is nothing more refreshing than drinking ice-cold water on a hot summer’s day!
Harry Louw
Great for summer
Just like breathing air is essential, having a water cooler like this one should be too! Love the fact that the water tastes so pure and clean.
Stephanie Boucher
An essential for life
A very ‘cool’ gift for someone is this Little Luxury cooler. You can’t go wrong with such a practical and user-friendly unit. I have bought several of them at The Home Depot close to where I stay and I have had no problems.
Andrew Williamson
‘’Cool’’ gift
I got my Little Luxury water filter and cooler for a gift to my friend who recently moved into her own house and what a fantastic gift for her! Every time I visit her we make lemon, mint and cranberry water – using water from her cooler – and it is the most refreshing drink! I think everyone should have one of these coolers in their home.
Alexia de Klerk
So refreshing
We work in a very busy office in New Jersey and our boss bought us a water cooler for the office. We are really glad to have it because we don’t want to keep spending money on bottled water all the time and it is really easy to use.
Stuart Kempen
Perfect for our office
My filter lasted a whole 5 months on my cooler! Brilliant product!
Craig Oakes
Easy way to stay hydrated. Especially in summer.
Nicholas Lewis
Hydration Station
I bought a Little Luxury water filter for my apartment a couple of months ago. Initially I thought I should have it in the kitchen, but because I work from home I have put it in my office and it works really well there.
Gabriel Ndlovu
Can go anywhere in your home
I am a coffee addict but for the past couple of months, after our office purchased a Little Luxury cooler, I have been drinking my 8 glasses of water a day! A lovely pure taste and great alternative to caffeine.
Emily Van Wyk
Great alternative for coffee addicts
Don’t know how I drank bottled and tap water before I got my Little Luxury water cooler – because this tastes great!
Natalie Manthiri
Great tasting water
So easy to set up and drink healthier water. Little Luxury was a purchase of mine that was worth it.
Matthew Cole
Worth it!