Platinum Complete Under Sink Water Filtration System



The Water Stream Platinum Complete Water Filtration System provides crystal clear, healthy, filtered drinking water for up to a year*. Removes up to 99% of harmful contaminants. Our water filter incorporates advanced technology that extrudes NSF 42&53 Certified filtration ingredients and coconut carbon into a 0.5-micron block filter. Wrapped with a PP layer, the composite filter can effectively remove harmful contaminates from water while keeping beneficial minerals.


Ultra-Long Service Life
The carbon block filter has an ultra-long lifespan which can serve a family of 3-4 for 12 months. The chlorine removal efficacy can reach 10,000 gallons of water. The tested water source is city water. Please kindly note the actual lifespan depends on your feed water quality and water use frequency. The more frequently you change the filter, the clearer water you could get.

Great Taste & Fast Flow
The under counter water filter uses premium coconut shell carbon that can greatly improve your water taste, remove odors and chlorine and bad taste of your water. The tested water flow of the PLT10 under the sink water filter system is 2 GPM. You could fetch a cup of crispy clean water from your tap within 3 sec whenever you want to hydrate yourself!

Superb Quality
The full under counter water filter can resist water pressure up to 600 psi, passing 100,000 times water hammer test. All the plastic parts are 100% BPA-free. Different from most of the flimsy water filter systems on the market, PLT10 incorporates high-standard brass fittings which is 100% lead-free.

Green Choice
Having “GREENWAY” as the core concept, Water Stream follows the core-filter replacement. You only need to change the inner core filter by using the wrench when doing the replacement. The outer case is still reusable for years. Less plastic waste!

The water purification system can be installed in different places such as the kitchen, office and bathroom. No drilling hole is needed for an extra faucet. So, it is also perfect for a rental apartment. Additionally, the PLT10 water filter can simultaneously serve both your sink and the refrigerator by using the ice maker connection kit PLT-ICE.

Super Easy Installation
The PLT10 water filter system is super easy to be installed. Only one extra hose is needed. With fewer connection points, less leakage potential is assured. Everything needed for installation is included in the package. You could install the system all by yourself within 3-5 min following the comprehensive installation manual.


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