Water Stream Gold Standard Filtration System

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The Gold Standard comes with dual CTO (carbon block) filters which allow the system to remove up to 99% of chlorine from the water, and a sediment filter which helps to remove large particles from the water, thus extending the life of the filters after. Robust and reinforced construction with a massive 1” input and output ports handle up to 0.95 litres per second. This water filtration system removes residual chlorine, tastes, odours, VOC’s, harmful chemicals, cloudiness and colours as well as sediments, sand, large particles, dust, silt, dirt, and rust.

The Gold Standard Water Filtration System will produce clean, healthy filtered water. Installed onto the main water line coming into the kitchen, office, or home. This system should be installed by a qualified plumber but can be done by a skilled DIYer.

Filter Description:

Stage 1: 1-3 Micron Sediment Filter

Stage 2: Granular Activated Carbon

Stage 3: Carbon Block Filter


  • 5 Year Guarantee (Does not cover abuse, incorrect installation, or weather-related damage).
  • Removes most harmful contaminants.
  • Save money on bottled water and avoid plastic waste.
  • Water filters can last up to 12 months.
  • Produces purified, filtered water that is safe to drink and tastes great.
  • Provides your household, office, holiday home, restaurant, Bed & Breakfast or Airbnb with an advanced water filter system.
  • The Gold Standard Water Filter System is to be used with city or municipal tap water, and the filter cartridges improves the taste and removes odours caused by chlorine and other impurities.
  • Installation instructions supplied.
  • Save money on bottled water and avoid plastic waste.
  • No need for polluting trucks delivering bottled water

What’s in the box:
1 x Water Stream Gold Standard Water Filtration System
1 x 1-3 Micron Sediment Filter
1 x Granular Activated Carbon
1 x Carbon Block Filter
1 x Spanner

27 reviews for Water Stream Gold Standard Filtration System

  1. Piet

    Excellent product. Easy to install. Filters included. Doesn’t affect your water pressure at all. Great value for money. Will buy it again.

  2. Tim

    Excellent product – I installed it myself – relatively straight forward for the average DIY’er.
    Wanting to get another one soon for my rain water tank installation.


    these product is good for water purification

  4. Edward

    Every House with a Borehole this is a must have bought it several times, easy to install 👏 and get clean water & save your taps from buildup iodine.

  5. Ridhwaan

    Great product! Does the job well!

  6. Paul

    Very well priced for the quality.

  7. Renaldo

    Works nicely. No issues.

  8. Keith

    Nice size, easy to install. Does the job it is supposed to do. Value for money. Very quick delivery.

  9. Ruan

    Easy to install if you are a DYI guy.

  10. tshifhiwa

    Excellent product 👌

  11. Ewald

    Great, good quality system at unbeatable price. Just got it installed for my whole house and seems to work excellent. I added an additional filter before the system, specifically to minimize lime from my borehole when I need to use it during water interruptions from our Municipality. No loss of pressure. Water is much cleaner and taste great.
    I can definitely recommend this product.

  12. Rajun

    Water tastes good. Easy to install.

  13. Phillip

    Quality product works ver well

  14. Caleb

    Arrived quickly / works great!

  15. Edward

    Excellent product. Provides good water quality. Easy to install

  16. Colin

    Easy enough to fit , but you need some plumbing skill.
    Sure it does what it is supposed to, feel more confident that my water is cleaner. Had a question to supplier, answered in good time.

  17. mahomed iqbal

    it’s top product clean my water within two hours

  18. Mojalefa Ephraim

    We make use of borehole water for our ice business. This filtration system cleans our water completely, the ice cubes have no residue or particles when melted. This is a great system to have at all times.

  19. Dale

    All filters work great for a month, then middle filters’ collapse prevents water flow. system pressure is set at 3.5bar.

    second set I’ve brought and both instances it happens that the middle filter collapse.

    other than that, when it works, it works 100%

  20. Williem

    Easy to instal and nice sturdy product. Just take note the correct inlet and outlet ports by removing bracket, so far so good

  21. Izak Jacobus

    Super happy and it looks good

  22. Tebogo

    These filters work wonders and the quality feels good. I can finally drink water from the tap

  23. Micheal

    Nice item, easy install, strong plastic casing for the filters. should last years

  24. Zirk

    So product is of a reasonably “good enough” quality and cost effective for price. You can get more expensive filters such as from Jo Jo but my opinion is this one is good enough at a decent price.

  25. Dauda

    Very effective. Will follow up after 6-8 months after changing filters.

  26. Lezanne

    Great purchase.can highly recommend it

  27. Divandra

    Great tasting water. Truly gold standard, Easy to install.

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