Water Stream Crystal Clear Desktop Dispenser

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The Water Stream by Little Luxury Crystal Clear Desktop Water Dispenser is easy to assemble and use. It produces healthy and great-tasting mineral filtered water by removing harmful contaminants and selected microbiological pathogens. This unit offers a traditional and economical way to produce crystal clear mineral filtered water. Improving the taste and smell of your water with no power needed, simply fill the top section of the unit with city or municipal water – perfect clean, safe water for drinking, cooking and for pets! So, you never need to worry about standing in front of empty shelves, labeled: water out of stock or have the risk of strangers delivering water to your home and office. Ideal for load shedding as no power is needed and uses a gravity filtration process to filter your water.


  • Ceramic and 5-stage effective filtration process
  • Removes harmful contaminants and selected microbiological pathogens. The filter cartridge improves the taste and removes odors caused by chlorine and other impurities
  • Capacity of 14 Litres
  • Place anywhere in your home (bedroom, kitchen, lounge, home office), office (canteen), gyms, doctor s office, pharmacies, dorm rooms/ res
  • No power needed – simply fill the top section of the unit with city or municipal water
  • Easy to assemble and use – simply push lever down to dispense water
  • Silent and economical
  • Save money on bottled water and avoid plastic waste
  • No need for polluting trucks to deliver bottled water

First Time Use:
For first time use please follow the supplied filter rinsing instructions in the user manual to activate the multi-stage filter.
Following the installation and filling the water dispenser for the first time, the first batch of water can have a relatively strong mineral taste. These are all the nourishing minerals of the multi-stage filter. After a couple of batches, the taste fades away and the water tastes great.
Fill the top section with water and allow the water to filter to the bottom section.
Once the first batch has filtered, discard the water in the bottom section.
Now fill the top section again and allow the water to filter to bottom section.
Drink fresh, great-tasting mineral water!

Positioning and Maintenance:
Position the Crystal Clear Desktop Dispenser away from direct sunlight to avoid algae growth.
The Ceramic Filter can be sanded with wet sandpaper when dirty.
Once orange balls of the Cartridge filter has dissolved it is time for it to be replaced.

Filter Stages:

Stage 1: Crystal Clear Ceramic Filter, filters out all rust, sediment, and harmful bacteria. Removes typhoid, cholera, and E-coli.
Stage 2 to 5: Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), resin-ion, infrared mineral balls removes chlorine, heavy metals, and selected microbiological pathogens yet retains all the good minerals and nutrients.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Water Stream – 14L Crystal Clear Desktop Water Dispenser
  • 1 x Water Stream Crystal Clear Ceramic Filter Cartridge
  • 1 x Water Stream Crystal Clear 5-Stage Filter Cartridge
  • 1 x User Manual

17 reviews for Water Stream Crystal Clear Desktop Dispenser

  1. Rory

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Excellent product, using it to filter rainwater.

  2. Abigail

    (Reviewed a month after purchase)
    Product works well and doesn’t change the taste of the water.

  3. Nicole

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    At first I was a bit skeptical because it looked quite flimsy, but boy was I wrong! Sturdy, efficient and easy to use! I just can’t drink tap water anymore!

  4. Abigail

    Works extremely well and is perfect if you like room temperature water, plus I always have filtered water that tastes even better than bottled water. It fits well in my kitchen and it’s really convenient and easy to use. It’s definitely a great addition to anyone’s home or office – really love mine!

  5. Michael

    Took three days for the white ball filter to turn yellow. That is how bad the water is where I live.

  6. Colin

    This so such a cool thing. Perfect for those hot summer days.

  7. Lourens

    Good buy. Happy with the product.

  8. Tracey

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Very nice product does the job.

  9. Shannon

    (Reviewed 15 days after purchase)
    Works well. Just don’t over fill then the tap doesn’t leak.

  10. Omphemetse

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Not difficult to install. Just make sure to fasten the screws tightly.
    Water quality improved.
    Great product. definitely glad I bought it.

  11. Johan

    (Reviewed 8 days after purchase)
    This is a must have for every household. To ensure safe drinking water.

  12. Sue

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Fantastic product and little fingers can access it safely off the kitchen counter.

  13. Nancy

    You can taste the difference in the filtered water compared to normal bottled water.
    Filtration may take a while but so worth it.
    Easily assembled with no leakage.

  14. LH Molefe

    I am happy with the product, removed all the aftertaste from municipal water. It was also easy to fit. ensure the first batch of filtered water is discarded and start drinking from the 2nd batch.

  15. Charlene

    Very happy with this product. Easy to use and no after taste. Saving me a ton on buying bottled water.

  16. Adriaan

    starts of very slowly but once water filtered through works like a charm

  17. Andres

    Just what I wanted very good product

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