Vitality Mini Non-Cooling Filtered Water Dispenser

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Little Luxury Vitality Mini Non-Cooling Water Dispenser is a revolutionary filtration system that quenches your thirst anytime and anywhere by supplying you with great-tasting premium filtered water on demand! This compact dispenser and filter turns regular tap water into crystal clear, crisp, filtered water and is as easy as 1,2,3 to use. The compact unit produces 3 glasses of water one after another and is only 45cm (17.75 in) high and weighs only 1.81kg (4 lbs). Making it practical for use anywhere. Our water dispenser requires NO power making it perfect for emergency situations. It operates silently, making it ideal for your, bedroom, children’s room, office, small apartment, kitchen, or patio and more. It is not necessary to have polluting diesel trucks to deliver bottled water when you can filter your own water, saving you money and the helps the environment reduce tons of plastic waste!



  • This practical dispenser turns regular tap water into fresh, healthy drinking water at room temperature!
  • No power is needed, making it practical to use during load shedding.
  • Includes a 5-litre BPA-Free bottle that is easy to refill at your faucet
  • The quality refillable 5 litre BPA-free bottle has a spill-free mechanism, making it easy to invert the bottle back onto the dispenser
  • Compact design means this unit can fit underneath your kitchen cabinet and can fit in any room, bar, home gym, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, dorm room, holiday home, first aid room, and entertainment room
  • Can be used as emergency drinking water during load-shedding and in natural disasters
  • Save money on bottled water and avoid plastic waste
  • No need for polluting trucks to deliver bottled water


What’s in the box

1 x Little Luxury Vitality Mini Non-Cooling Water Dispenser
1 x Little Luxury Vitality Replacement Filter Cartridge
1 x User Manual
1 x Extra screw cap O-ring

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White, Slate, Black, Cinnamon

10 reviews for Vitality Mini Non-Cooling Filtered Water Dispenser

  1. Carly

    I absolutely love my water dispenser; it fits right under my kitchen cabinet making it super convenient to get a glass of water whenever I want, and I love the colour!

  2. Karla

    (Reviewed 10 days after purchase)
    It is a good quality water dispenser for the price. The filter also filters the water quite nicely.
    Would recommend.

  3. Vivienne

    (Reviewed a day after purchase)
    really nice product, our tank water started tasting funny and now it tastes great 👍👌😀

  4. Riash

    (Reviewed 23 days after purchase)
    Awesome product, it is what I expected.

  5. Ian

    (Reviewed 13 days after purchase)
    It’s great. Water tastes good after filtering.

  6. Annah

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    It’s awesome and easy to assemble. The water is amazing.

  7. Anita

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    I am very very happy with my product and Takealot service is excellent. I recommend this product for any house it works.

  8. Prevani

    (Reviewed 2 months after purchase)
    this little water dispenser is great for our little family, working great and does exactly as indicated, on the review of product. water does have a better taste after using the filter.

  9. Cameron

    (Reviewed a month after purchase)
    Changed my life, water tastes so silky smooth! Remember to get filter cartridges.

  10. Cherag

    (Reviewed a month after purchase)
    Excellent, excellent good buy

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