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The Little Luxury Vitality Mini Water Cooler is an award-winning revolutionary filtration and cooling system that quenches your thirst anytime and anywhere by supplying you with great tasting premium filtered water on demand! This compact cooler and filter turns regular tap water into ice-cold, thirst-quenching, filtered water and is as easy as 1,2,3 to use. Save hundreds of Rands on bottled water. This amazing patented mini water cooler is the only cooler in its class that can give you 3 glasses of ice-cold water one after the other! The compact design measures only 58.42 cm high and weighs only 3.18 kg, making it practical for use in many different locations. It also operates silently, making it ideal for your kitchen, bedroom, children’s room, office, small apartment, patio and more. The tabletop cooler uses about 10-70 watts of energy while traditional full-size water coolers use around 300-500 watts. It is not necessary to have polluting diesel trucks to deliver bottled water when you can filter your own water and save the environment from millions of tons of plastic waste!
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  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, with quiet operation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to clean and easy to use – dispenses 3 glasses of ice-cold filtered water one after another
  • Compact – can fit anywhere, next to your bed, on your desk, bar, in your child’s room or kitchen
  • Convenient – perfect for anybody, anywhere with easy to replace filters. No heavy bottles to carry
  • Filter is included
  • The only mini water cooler that both filters and cools regular tap water. This practical cooler turns regular tap water into fresh, healthy drinking water at a pleasant ice-cold crisp temperature!
  • It has a capacity of 8.14 litres and a fast flow tap
  • The quality refillable BPA-free 7-litre bottle has a spill-free mechanism, making it easy to invert the bottle back onto the cooler
  • The replaceable filters are tested and use only certified NSF medium and are tested in Laboratories to remove most contaminants and impurities that we want out of our drinking water
  • Save money on bottled water and avoid plastic waste
  • No need for polluting trucks delivering bottled water


What’s in the box
1 x Little Luxury Vitality Mini Water Cooler
1 x Little Luxury Vitality Replacement Filter Cartridge
1 x User Manual
1 x Extra screw cap O-ring
1 x Extra drain plug

62 reviews for Vitality Mini Water Cooler

  1. nikkitownsend33

    This is an excellent product. I absolutely love my Little Luxury! I used to buy bottled water every week, but that’s not necessary anymore. This product filters water and cools it, and makes the water have a crisp, clean taste. It was easy to initially assemble and it’s also easy to use and refill. Would definitely recommend!

  2. Lesley

    It’s awesome love cold water on demand.

  3. Jody

    This is a great product, it’s easy to ‘assemble’ easy to use, keeps the water in the chamber nice and cool, and doesn’t take long to cool it from room temp. My only advice is to always tilt the cooler a little once the water bottle is refilled and ‘re-installed’ to make sure there aren’t any air bubbles trapped at the bottom, as that trapped air prevents the water from flowing down through the filter to the cooling chamber, and you might end up having to wait a while longer for the water to filter through and cool if you don’t realise it right away… So far, it is wonderful and I love it… I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to drink lots of cold water throughout the day.

  4. Lee-anne

    This is a great water cooler. Nice and compact and cools the water down nicely. Replacement filters are easy to find and install, and the machine is easy to clean.

  5. Gloria

    Really enjoyed the product and the filtered water from it. Worth every rand and value for money

  6. Kazia

    This is an excellent product. I used to buy bottled water every week, but that’s not necessary anymore. This product filters water and cools it. The water has a crisp, clean taste (unlike tap water’s metalic, chemical taste). The water also cools quite quickly. Easy to initially assemble and also easy to use and refill. Would definitely recommend!

  7. Brandt

    Very happy with the product.

  8. Tyrell

    Perfect for my room.

  9. Elzette

    Absolutely will recommend this product, what an awesome Water dispenser, been using it for a month now, and is super easy and super great for me and my kids to use. Super exited because i work from home and this was the best item i bought for my house.

  10. Daniël

    Daniël – 07 Jun 2022 (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    The first one we ordered was leaking, but it was quickly replaced and the new one works very well. The water tastes clean and cool.

  11. Ronnie

    been using this for about 2 months, totally happy with it.

  12. Luciemarie

    (Reviewed a month after purchase)
    I got one for myself at my home office. Was so impressed, got two more as Christmas gifts and the family LOVES it! Worth every penny.

  13. Jakes

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    This is a very nice water cooler. Nice for summer.

  14. Janet

    Very nice, easy to use. We love it!

  15. Pieter

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    I an very happy with the Cooler. It gives Ice cold water.

  16. Lucie

    (Reviewed a month after purchase)
    Absolutely love it so glad i bought one.

  17. Hugo

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Nice and easy to unpack
    water always cool.

  18. Carole

    (Reviewed 2 months after purchase)
    Works really well nice to have cold water on hand

  19. Amanda

    (Reviewed 8 days after purchase)
    The Little Luxury water cooler is really an outstanding machine and the name luxury says it all.
    I am very happy with my purchase

  20. Monique

    (Reviewed 2 months after purchase)
    you can really taste the difference wen drinking this water as appose to Tap water

  21. Riaan

    (Reviewed 6 days after purchase)
    Love it and water taste gr8. Fantastic product

  22. Dorothy

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    works 100% and it’s a money saver,

  23. Roelof

    (Reviewed 10 days after purchase)
    would def recommend, lovely cold water on tap!!

  24. Ms Smith

    I love my water cooler. Cold filter water all day every day, even when there is no power I still have filter water.

  25. Farida

    (Reviewed on day of purchase)
    Too early to comment but So far I am happy with the product

  26. Douglas

    (Reviewed 12 days after purchase)
    Fast delivery, great product. Keeps water temp as low as 5 degrees during these hot days. Recommended.

  27. Shani

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Really a great “little” dispenser. Very crisp/cold water!!!

  28. Sylvia

    (Reviewed 21 days after purchase)
    Really great product. Love the cold water.

  29. Raquel

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Really enjoying this water cooler, very easy to use and portable it can be placed anywhere. I didn’t struggle to figure out how it works

  30. P. Weaver

    A brilliant product that has become part of our lifestyle. Cold filtered water on tap!!

  31. Naomi

    Works great, water is cold and so compact.

  32. Tommy

    Compact and brilliant. More than happy.

  33. Candice

    I love my Little Luxury! It’s super convenient and I always have fresh, filtered water on hand. I love this It’s practical and provides crisp, cold water at all hours of the day. Much better than having to refill a Jug every time you need a drink, as it holds a larger volume of water. Plus it’s much quicker cooling water than putting it in the fridge!

  34. Uli

    (Reviewed 5 days after purchase)
    It works very well, especially in a workspace of about 3 – 4 people. It makes it very nice and cold. The filter is not the best, you can get better, But it is better than tap water. It works, makes cold and clean water.

  35. Muhammad

    (Reviewed 3 days after purchase)
    Great purchase! Cleans & cools my tap water and removes the disgusting metal taste as well. Highly recommended!

  36. Michelle

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Love it! Good taste! Worth the buy!

  37. Daleen

    This unit is compact, neat and very efficient

  38. Claire

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    This cooler is amazing. It filters and keeps the water ice cold. This is my 2nd cooler. I had the 1st for over 10 years. Highly recommend this product,.

  39. Mike

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    A friend of mine had this at university a few years back and I remember it being a great house addition, so recently bought it for myself and I am not disappointed! Water tastes great and having it cold is an added bonus

  40. Daniel

    (Reviewed 29 days after purchase)
    Great just a bit pricey, even on special

  41. Morne

    (Reviewed 8 days after purchase)
    Compact, good quality, ice-cold water.

  42. Riaan

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    my 2nd water cooler. I am very happy.

  43. Riaan

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    my 2nd water cooler. Iam very happy.

  44. Katrina

    (Reviewed 10 days after purchase)
    I am happy with purchase, it keeps water cold and water taste good. will recommend it.

  45. Morne

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Yes it’s compact and cools the water nice

  46. Annette

    (Reviewed a month after purchase)
    Brilliant !! love it keeps the water ice cold ,convenient compact and nice styling

  47. Hester

    (Reviewed 27 days after purchase)
    works well and the difference in taste of the water is noticeable! wish I bought my little luxury sooner!

  48. Wendy

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Cools the water nicely, easy to fill the bottle. My experience is not to fill the bottle to the very top with tap water, leave a space so that when you invert the bottle onto the base it does not spill all over the place.
    Overall happy with the product.

  49. Noeline

    (Reviewed a day after purchase)
    always have cold water love this

  50. Alta

    (Reviewed a month after purchase)
    I’m so glad I purchased this water dispenser ‘The water taste great and clean’ very happy with this product ‘i will definitely recommend this to anyone.

  51. Mary

    (Reviewed 2 months after purchase)
    Works great have had it in the family for the past 8 years and has never had a problem.

  52. Varnya

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    I enjoy this water cooler. Ice cold. it’s really worth the price.

  53. Eric

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Very nice and practical, will recommend it to friends.

  54. Numnikelo

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    smart and portable its very beautiful

  55. Priscilla

    (Reviewed 2 months after purchase)
    Definitely lives up to its name. Very happy with this product.

  56. Quinton

    It is very nice to have about 4 working days of water on my desk, it definitely motivates you to drink more water, I just wish I could make it slightly less cold for the winter.

  57. Andre

    (Reviewed 7 days after purchase)
    Great product with great service online,delivery and using product. Will definately make use of takelot anytime in future!

  58. Sarika

    Wonderful little kitchen top water cooler, easy to set up and the water tastes wonderful. Should have gotten it sooner.

  59. Norman

    I would recomend this produduct as the water u get taste excellent. Product nice n small dont take space easy to use love it on my desk

  60. Mirriam

    very efficient, healthy, clean cold water , we don’t buy water anymore

  61. Russell

    Fantastic product.

  62. Louise

    Love it

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