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For filtered drinking water on the go, the Little Luxury Drinking Filter Bottle is a reusable water bottle and is BPA-Free. This bottle has a plastic cap to protect the mouthpiece from germs and dirt, a replaceable carbon filter and has a matching colour carabiner clip making it easy to click on to your belt or backpack, ideal for; hiking, camping, and cycling. The bottle capacity is 500ml and are available in blue and purple.


  • Greatly improves the taste of your drinking water.
  • Easy to use.
  • Removes chlorine and other harmful impurities.
  • Perfect for sports, outdoor activities, gym and perfect for children.
  • CLEAN FRESH WATER EVERYWHERE YOU GO: The Little Luxury Drinking Filter Bottle features a replaceable carbon filter city or municipal tap water, improves taste, and removes odours caused by chlorine and other impurities.
  • REPLACEABLE CARBON FILTER: The replacement carbon filter provides you with 300 single-serve 500ml water bottles.


For best results, we recommend changing your filter after 2 months or when it has filtered 150 litres. To clean the bottle, remove the filter and hand wash with warm, soapy water.

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