3-Stage Tap Water Filter Cartridge


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Product Description

  • Replacement Cartridge for 3-stage tap water filter
  • Saves money–no need for bottled water.
  • Organic active carbon filter removes chlorine, organic microscopic toxins and dangerous chemicals, heavy metals and improves taste! Silvertech kills up to 99% bacteria, cholera and e-coli. Removes asbestos fibre found in old pipes, removes pesticides, sediment, rust and other floating debris down to 1 micron.
  • For your own health and safety only use original replacement cartridge.
  • For healthy great-tasting water on tap! To be used with municipal or city tap water only.

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3-Stage Cartridges 3-pack, 3-Stage Cartridges 6-pack, 3-Stage Cartridges 12-pack


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